Request Your NSA Records… or Request the NSA Delete Your Records

We’re currently running a fundraiser for 1985, peer-to-peer phone call encryption that will prevent NSA spying on your “metadata.” Please take a look, share with your friends, and donate if you can!

So the NSA has collected information on you, eh? Assembled some records have they? Excellent, now their records are subject to Freedom of Information Act requests (for records in general held by a government agency) as well as Privacy Act requests (for records relating specifically to the requestor). I’ve started a new site to make the process quick and pain free — please check out: My NSA Records.

Will the government respond? Probably not, or if they do, probably to tell you to f’ off. But picture the FOIA department at the NSA sitting with a desk full of thousands upon thousands of FOIA request. Now *there’s* a protest.

6 thoughts on “Request Your NSA Records… or Request the NSA Delete Your Records

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  1. F.O.I.A.’s have always been subject to the whims of our corrupt government…

    When are we going to wake up and realize the federal united states is a corrupt
    and bankrupt cartel that only functions to satisfy the people’s illusion of freedom?

    Americans have forsaken eternal vigilance for wishful-thinking.

  2. Can I file both or will the delete me one cancel out the records request? Assuming they actually do it, which I don’t believe they will. But hypothetically…

  3. So I received my reply. They can not confirm or deny the existance of any reccords on me because that info is classified. So the request is denied. Makes no sense.

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