Update: Judge Who Jailed Teen for Disrespect Famous for Fighting on Floor of Fla. Legislature

[Update to the Update: The Miami-Herald Runs This Story]

[Update to the Update to the Update: Penelope has been freed after apologizing to the court.]

It turns out that the judge from my previous post who deemed it proper to deny a teen girl an attorney for her arraignment, deny her an attorney for future proceedings (“sell your jewelry!”), raise her bond because she had an attitude, and then jail her for 30 days after she lost it and gave him the middle finger, became famous for his lack of ability to control his own temper. Back 15 years ago, Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat made headlines for attacking a fellow legislator on the floor of the Florida House of Representatives. He, of course, was not sent to jail to “learn his lesson.”

It’s interesting that Jorge, who seems to be of Latin descent and speaks with a heavy accent despite being in the U.S. most of his life, seems to have a thing against others of Latin descent. The man he attacked on the House floor was also Latin, and he only flipped out on the teen girl — a Latina — in his court after she said “adios.” This guy seems to have some issues.

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  1. You are all idiots. The judge was even more patient than more judges for charging that girl with being in contempt of court. Most judge are not as patient as he was. They would have tried him sooner, in which you idiots would declare “racism”. That judge is entitled to respect because he is farther up the social ladder than she is. Don’t like it? Welcome to life

  2. He really doesn’t like other races than Caucasian, he treated my husband case unfairly and my husband told me how he gave light sentence to a Caucasian defendant but a harsher sentence for Latin defendant for the same case.

    1. Being a spoiled, wise-ass brat is not legal to consider when affixing bail terms. We run on a system of laws, not on a system of putting in jail whomever Thomas thinks deserves to be in jail because of their attitude.

  3. He doesn’t have any issues. He was a public servant at the end of the day. We all know that public servants “have power” and will use it against other people who do not have their power. The guy wanted respect, and he got it at the end of the day. We are just a sensible society where everyone should be seen as “nice”. Nope, not in my books, some people cannot be called nice, and they should be punished.
    Talking about public servants, I myself live in Eastern Europe where “public servants” are very powerful. Just try to cross them

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