NYPD to Implement Long-Range Body Scanners on Streets to Look for Guns — Shall I Sue?


The TSA argues that its nude body scanners are necessary because of the specific risk of air terrorism. But random police checkpoints have never been allowed to force random searches, and case law on thermal imaging, which is a lot less detailed than terahertz imaging, is clear that it requires a warrant. Beyond that, having a gun in an airport is illegal, but having a gun on the street is constitutionally-protected, so the entire premise of the search is flawed.

I just happen to be about 1 mile from the federal courthouse in Manhattan. What do you guys think — will you be here to support me if I take this one on?

9 thoughts on “NYPD to Implement Long-Range Body Scanners on Streets to Look for Guns — Shall I Sue?

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  1. Maybe this will help. I recall once where the police somewhere was using infrared heat sensors to search homes from the street looking for pot growers. I’m pretty sure that went to the Supreme Court and was struck down. The court ruled that a warrant was needed to even do that kind of search from the street.

    That could be a on point ruling since the only difference is, it is a person instead of a house. Both are protected from illegal search, well, the Constitution says it is anyway. 😉

  2. I feel much better knowing there are people like you out there that don’t let civil liberties get violated without a fight. I’ve thanked you on other forums before, but again, thanks for watching out for our Constitution.

  3. Shall they be sued? Excuse my French but : HELL YEAH!!! I will help as I can.
    You are one of the few that gives me hope. Please don’t ever give up

  4. I’ve read that a number of police agencies around the country have devices (not talking aboiut heat sensors), possibly some type of x-ray, inside vans which they drive around neighborhoods looking inside homes.

    Does anyone know why organizations such as the ACLU have done nothing about this and what New York city is doing about to do?

  5. mayor bloomie has banned salt,transfat,16oz soda, baby formula, painkillers(next) he also has a stop and frisk program(should be illegal) now this! he is new yorks own little rights wrecking crew. isn’t a mayor suppose to fix pot holes and stuff? where does he get this power and why do new yorkers tolerate it?
    in other words….new york needs a modern day rosa parks! you need to sue!!

  6. Before you sue, please do a reasonable analysis on the chances of winning, and the chances of losing. We don’t want more case law going against us, and we do want more case law in favor of freedom and liberty. Initiate the case only if the chances of winning are high, and the chances of losing are low. Otherwise, wait. There will come a better time in the future, if the time is not right now.

    1. Every once in a while I hear from someone worried about setting bad precident. But the fact is, it’s better for us to know exactly where the line is — otherwise, the police will invent their own. If afterwards we find that the courts have set the line in an undesirable location, we can then move on to pressure our representatives to fix it.

      Also, I don’t file cases that I don’t think I can win. That doesn’t mean I’ll always win, but I’m a big fan of winning. 😉

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