Texas State Trooper Fingers Two Women on Side of Highway, “Might Be Marijuana In There”

A Texas state trooper pulls over two women for littering a cigarette butt out the window. He decides that he “smells marijuana” and orders the two women out of the car. A female trooper is called in to search the women, who proceeds to insert her fingers into the women on the side of the highway — from both front and back — and without changing gloves. All of this is caught by the dash cam. No drugs are found. Source and video: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/12/19/two-women-sue-texas-troopers-for-illegal-roadside-cavity-search/

This is the #1 reason to end the war on drugs: it is a constant excuse to violate the rights of the people.

If you’d like to tell the trooper what you think of her work, I’m pretty sure this is her Facebook. Same name, looks vaguely like the woman in the video, and friends with a bunch of cops. You can also send your thoughts as to whether or not she should be charged to the Texas Dept. of Public Safety at cle@dps.texas.gov.

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18 thoughts on “Texas State Trooper Fingers Two Women on Side of Highway, “Might Be Marijuana In There”

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  1. I saw that story yesterday and was hoping you’d get on it. Having a sister who travels A LOT, this REALLY got me steamed. I’ve read about all the unreasonable searches and seizures at airports and on the streets of my native New York, but this is HEINOUS, unconstitutional, and criminal behavior by the redneck asshole officers who perpetrated these crimes. I hope they get jail and get thrown into the general population. THEN they’ll learn what a cavity search is. Three times a day, up close and personal.

  2. Harassing the state trooper is not the right course of action. Especially since you’re only “pretty sure” its the right person.

    I don’t think this is the right way to pursue and demand action on this issue.

      1. This is a flimsy defense, and is basically vigilanteism.

        I support the work you’ve been doing against the TSA; linking to her alleged Facebook profile is beneath you.

        1. I respect that you disagree and don’t expect that everyone support every aspect of what I do.

          I do believe that personal accountability for the actions taken by our government is important, and people have the right to express their opinions regarding the actions of their public servant. These troopers should be aware that the people find their behavior to be entirely unacceptable.

          1. That’s fine, but publishing personal information of that nature encourages inappropriate reprisals. Why not post her home address as well, so we can stop by and have a chat with her? Or maybe her phone number?

            Not to mention, the “pretty sure” aspect of all of this.

  3. I would have to agree that posting her Facebook page encourages vindictiveness.

    I note that not only did she use the same glove for both girls, even with the first she started from the back. Any intelligent person would recognize that as a serious sanitation issue. The officer is taking a chance of spreading serious infections as if she’s responding to an emergency situation (even then, can’t she change gloves?), when the suspects are non-violent and only suspected of possessing a non-dangerous plant. Totally uncalled for.

    This instance is distinct from the TSA issue in that the illegal cavity check has a remedy. The victims can sue the officer and the police department for damages, which motivates them and other law enforcement officials to respect our rights. This is the system we value at work. As you have shown so well, there is no remedy for abuse from a TSA lackey except to hope that their superiors choose magnanimously to protect your rights, and that is no hope at all. You can’t sue the lackey because they’re acting within their official duties (known only by the fact that their superiors defend their actions, not because there’s any way for YOU to find out what their official duties actually are). And you weren’t invited to the hearing on the administrative rule because there never was one.

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