Parking Ticket Appeal Motion for Costs Granted

A lot of you seemed to really enjoy my post about appealing a parking ticket up to a Florida circuit court and winning. I’m happy to report today that my motion for costs was granted, meaning that the county now owes me all of my filing fees and expenses relating to fighting their improperly issued ticket. I look forward to sending them a bill. 😉

Florida v. Corbett – Costs Granted (.pdf)

9 thoughts on “Parking Ticket Appeal Motion for Costs Granted

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  1. No wonder you want the TSA out of your pants. Theres no room in there next to your giant balls.

    Is filing an appeal or challenge like this something that can be done by the average joe? What resources do you have to have available either online or in a library to write this kind of case?

  2. I hope they forget that you fought the ticket pro se when they get their bill and expect it to be an order of magnitude or two more than it actually is. (lol)

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