[UPDATE: Thank you for the replies! I should be good now!]

In my lawsuit against the TSA, FLL’s airport owners, and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, all parties have been served except the Sheriff. I thought it was peculiar that I contacted about a dozen professional process servers in Broward asking for a quote to serve the BSO and only 3 actually responded. One of them tried to serve the papers, but was turned away because Broward thought the paperwork was incomplete. A defendant, of course, doesn’t get the liberty of turning away paperwork because they don’t think it’s in order, but the process server refused to leave the documents on their desk and walk away — because the BSO licenses process servers, and they were worried they would lose their license.

Luckily, any private citizen (other than a party to the action) over the age of 18 can also serve these papers. So, if any of you are in the area and are willing to print a short document and drop it off on the desk of the BSO’s law department, preferably along with a “YOU GOT SERVED!,” please send me an e-mail: jon [at] fourtentech [dot] com.