So what’s it take to sue the TSA?

Every week or so I get an e-mail or a comment asking about suing the TSA, either to change policy (get rid of the scanners and pat-downs) or because of personal incidents (TSA screeners assaulting them, physically or sexually, stolen goods, false charges, etc.). Many of the stories are heartbreaking and all have been wronged by the TSA. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned, but my first question is: Are you ready for the fight? Here’s what it takes, assuming you don’t have a civil rights organization representing you and paying your way:

First, there are filing fees and other hard costs: printing (sometimes courts require up to 40 copies of a document!), mailing, travel, paid research databases, etc. So far, this has totaled in the four-figures range.

But, more importantly, there are the time costs. While writing a brief that has now reached 18 pages today, I was curious how much I’ve had to write so far in order maintain these actions against the TSA. I went through my all my Word documents in my TSA lawsuit folders, and the totals are:

U.S. District Court: 189 pages
11th Circuit Court of Appeals: 121 Pages
U.S. Supreme Court: 47 pages

Total: 357 pages

My writer friend tells me that typical for her industry is that a page takes an hour. With the research required for legal documents, I’d double that, and that doesn’t even take into account the time it took to put to research, create, and edit the awesome videos of the nude body scanners being defeated, not to mention the $0.99 sewing kit required to take down the $1 billion scanner fleet! 😉

Taking this much time away from work is why I’m so grateful for the donations that many of you have sent, which allow me to continue to fight the TSA without ending up homeless. 🙂 It’s a strong statement about our legal system that seeking justice for something so basic as “don’t take nude pictures of me” takes so much, and I’m not even close to finished. It’s also something to keep in mind if you want to sue the TSA but don’t want to pay a lawyer to do it for you (and can you imagine how much a lawyer would have billed to write 357 pages?): if you want into the legal side, be ready to have sore wrists.

But, if you just want to fight TSA thuggery in general, there is lots to be done. People are blogging, people are making videos, people are “traditional protesting” (flyers, tables, bullhorns, soapbox, etc.), people are contacting their representatives, people are donating money, people are talking to their friends and fellow travelers, and people are standing up and saying “no” (sometimes phrased as “I opt out!”). Hitting the TSA from all angles is the way to obtain change, and ALL of these are equally important tools in the fight. If you’ve participated, thank you, and feel free to share the creative ways you’ve found to protest the TSA in the comments to inspire others.

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  1. TSA can be joined in the “No-Fly List” case.

    Portland, OR – The 9th Circuit held that a federal court in Oregon erred when it said the Transportation Safety Administration could not be joined in an action by 15 American citizens and residents who protested their inclusion on a federal “no-fly” list.

    The FBI operates a Terrorist Screening Center, which keeps a “no-fly” list of known or suspected terrorists.

    The 15 plaintiffs, who are all U.S. citizens or permanent residents, say the government refuses to either confirm or deny that they are on the no-fly list.

    Initially the plaintiffs filed administrative grievances with the TSA, and then sued in Oregon District Court, demanding the government either remove them from the list or give them a meaningful opportunity to challenge their inclusion.

    The district court dismissed the action, holding that the TSA was a necessary party because the plaintiffs were challenging the agency’s grievance procedure, but it could not be joined to the action.

    The plaintiffs appealed to the 9th Circuit, and the court reversed the district judge’s dismissal.

    Circuit Judge Richard Tallman found the lower court had correctly ruled that the TSA was a necessary party to the action, but was wrong that the agency could not be joined.

    Noting that the DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program “is essentially a clearinghouse for traveler grievances,” Judge Tallman found the plaintiffs’ challenge requires review of orders by both the TSA and the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center.

    “TSA’s implementation of [the grievance program] is at issue, but TSA is merely a conduit for a traveler’s challenge to inclusion on the list. TSA simply passes grievances along to [the Terrorist Screening Center] and informs travelers when [TSC] has made a final determination. TSC – not TSA – actually reviews the classified intelligence information about travelers and decides whether to remove them from the list,” Judge Tallman wrote.

    “If plaintiffs are entitled to judicial relief, any remedy must involve both TSA and TSC. Here, plaintiffs demand to know why they are apparently included on the list and an opportunity to advocate for their removal. Ordering TSA to tell plaintiffs why they were included on the list and to consider their responses in deciding whether they should remain on it, would be futile.”

    The 9th Circuit does not have authority to amend, modify or set aside the TSA’s orders, and the court found it lacked jurisdiction to address the plaintiff’s challenge to the grievance program.

    The three-judge panel remanded the procedural challenge to the district court.

    “At oral argument, the government was stymied by what we considered a relatively straightforward question: what should United States citizens and legal permanent residents do if they believe they have been wrongly included on the No- Fly List?” Judge Tallman wrote. “Today, we take another step toward providing an answer. We hold that the district court also has original jurisdiction over plaintiffs’ claim that the government failed to afford them an adequate opportunity to contest their apparent inclusion on the list.”

    Court Filing:

  2. I sadly anticipate the day when the Supreme Court gives the TSA legal immunity, just as the German courts gave to their Gestapo.

  3. Here’s another way to put public pressure on the TSA, right at the moment of contact.

    1. Print out a copy of the fourth amendment. You can get it here:

    2. As you approach the checkpoint, if you have a smartphone, KEEP IT ON YOUR PERSON and turn on audio recording. You’d be amazed what can be picked up in those recordings. If/when they detect your phone on you, just grin sheepishly and comply with putting it into the bowl they’ll give you. It will then remain close enough to you to still obtain audio of the entire pat-down and unreasonable search experience. NOTE: be sure to have your phone “locked” so that a code has to be entered. That way, they can’t surreptitiously shut off your recording while distracting you with their behavior modification nonsense. They will literally have to ask your permission to invade your phone at which point you can legally say “no, not without a warrant”.

    3. At the checkpoint, if you are addressed by a TSA contractor asking you to do anything other than step through a metal detector, politely and LOUDLY read the text of the Fourth Amendment so all the folks around you can hear and be influenced by something they probably don’t even know exists. Then, comply with the contractor’s directions.

    This is a peaceful, but public way to protest.

  4. There’s a big problem with your approach–there are places it’s not legal.

    Also, I would think it would not be legal anywhere if you get separated from your phone. (AFIAK nobody permits secret recordings that you are not a party to.)

    1. “Legal or not, you’re just taking a page out of their playbook.” See what happens when people lose all respect? You get crazy thinking like that sentence. Sadly, it’s probably right in a cynical society.

    2. “Secret recordings” laws only apply (in most states) when a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. A busy airport is never going to be ruled as a place of privacy.

  5. It is a myth propagated by police and prosecutors that you cannot legally record your public interactions with public servants anywhere in the US. Alexander Shalom of ACLU-NJ was quoted just yesterday saying, “police often videotape civilians and civilians have a constitutionally protected right to videotape police.”

    Loren :

    There’s a big problem with your approach–there are places it’s not legal.

    Also, I would think it would not be legal anywhere if you get separated from your phone. (AFIAK nobody permits secret recordings that you are not a party to.)


  6. Unfortunately I think more people are just giving in and allowing the TSA to treat them as badly as they choose. The only thing they do is complain or file a complaint with the TSA which we all know goes nowhere. Sadly the response I hear from more and more people is
    “You’re not going to win so why fight it”. I for one will continue to fight for my rights and not just give up! Is anyone aware of any “Class Action” law suits filed against the TSA?

    1. Unfortunately, Reggie, I think you’re right. I’m a keen observer of human behavior and it really gets to me how many people just shrug this off as a mere inconvenience. Don’t they realize what they’re giving up? Many are old enough to remember when they were actually free! Why do they forget?!

      My personal take on this behavior is that the TSA is a cunningly crafted artifact of government/CIA “mind control” techniques. I know that statement puts me in the tinfoil hat crowd, but think about it logically. We already know as a scientific fact that the power of suggestion is a very useful tool used by con artists, psychics, and other ne’er-do-wells. Why is it that hard to accept that putting a blue LEO shirt and badge on a government contractor with no arrest powers might cause a bit of intimidation among the sheeple? Wrap it all in a little post-9/11 patriotism, hitch it up to the nanny state mentality, and you have the perfect PR mind job.

      Bus stations and rail stations are already being invaded by the TSA. And, even your driveway will be next. Sadly, most people won’t even bat an eye at that when it happens.

      1. I doubt “mind control” has anything to do with it. Most people are sheep and can be lead and told anything.

        I’m sure some of you have heard the following quote attributed by Martin Niemöller a German pastor:

        First they came for the communists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

        Then they came for the trade unionists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

        Then they came for me
        and there was no one left to speak out for me.

        The longer we let the government, including the police, violate our civil rights the worse this is going to get.

  7. The TSA is ridiculous! My husband has been waiting for a TWIC since march and its may and still nothing!!! He will loose his job Friday if he don’t have it

    1. The TSA is aware that their TWIC program is a disaster. Don’t worry, they have committees working on it. 😉

      (Hey, that’s at least better than we have for the body scanners, where there are committees trying to shove more down our throat…)

    2. I applied for my TWIC card renewal on 3/4/13 as of today (5/18/13) I have not been able to obtain my card and as a result I have been out of work for over 2 mths. I have tried EVERYTHING in my power & have been unsuccessful to overcome the issues surrounding this renewal due to human errors from several offices.
      Being a husband and father of 4children, I am begging for SOMEONE to PLEASE feel sympathy for my situation and DO something to get this over with.
      In a nutshell, 6wks after applying and not getting any notification I was given a tkt no. from the TWIC help line. 15 days later the Tkt was escalated because the help desk didn’t get a reply from TSA(virginia). Being tired of the runaround from the help desk which never has an answer I tried looking for phone numbers to the TSA in Virginia where a supervisor gave me a FAX number for Mr. Robert Freeman, I faxed Mr Freeman a note on 4/29 requesting answers. The following day (4/30) I received a call from Mr. Alan Billings requesting clarification on how my name is written after clarifying that Mr. Billings informed me that it would take another 2-3Wks before getting my card. If it wasn’t because I sent that fax I would have NEVER GOTTEN AT LEAST THAT PHONE CALL…..2wks later (5/13) I contacted Mr. Billings who then informed me that because they are in the process of closing the contract with the company that deals with the TWIC cards and starting a new contract with a different company which has a different system it is taking longer for me to get my card….At what point are my FOUR CHILDREN being considered, I have a mortgage which the bank doesn’t care to know the reasons behind my late payment. The government should be helping the economy by letting us work and not taking our jobs away from us. My family’s life is in jeopardy. My wife suffers from depression and this is affecting her health.

      1. Hhow can i get in in touch with thid alan billings and did u ever get your twic card ive been out of work 3 months now because of thhe tsa if you hhavvnt we need to see about finding a lawyer and sueing these people thanks

  8. This past June my husband was sexually assaulted by the TSA at Honolulu airport. I am currently trying to find an attorney to represent us. We were in an undeniably long TSA check point causing us to almost miss out flight. Upon reaching the podium for ticket and ID check prior to scanning the TSA guard after checking our tickets was relieved of his duties. He gets up hands my husband and I a basket for our belongings. He continues to walk through the scanner area as he was what appeared to be him leaving. My husband goes through the scanner which did not go off or hint at anything on his person. As he comes through the same TSA agent asks him what he has in his back pocket. My husband responded with nothing I took everything out of my pockets as I was told. With out asking with out even telling he stands less than a foot in front of my husband’s face. The TSA agent then reached around with his left hand and grabs just my husbands left butt cheek, feeling his finger tips in his butt crack. Then without saying anything he just turned around and walked away from us. My husband then tells me what happened as we were separated through the scanners. They had two going at one time for one line. I called asking for head of TSA as well as their security customer service that they so nicely forwarded me to saying I would get a call back. Haven’t heard anything. Now we are searching for a lawyer willing to take the case.

  9. I just went through tsa, and I had $100 in a pocket in my bookbag, my mother saw one of the employees go into my bag, and then my $100 magically disappeared. My mother pointed out that she saw the man go into my bag, but the supervisor said they checked the cameras and that they didn’t see anyone take anything. They never even asked the man or checked to see if he had it on him, they pretty much called me a liar and brushed my issue aside.

    1. So you called the police, right? 🙂

      What you can do at this point is send the TSA a Freedom of Information Act request. Detail the exact date, time, and location (“XYZ airport, Terminal Q, the third lane from the left”), and even what you were wearing if possible so they can find you. Ask for any security video showing that lane. Then you can see for yourself, and, if you see a theft, bring it to the local police department for the airport.

  10. A few days after my birthday I had to take a flight home, before I left the house my brother gave me a 100 dollar bill. He put it in my backpack and I left it in the pouch he put it in, I never touched it. I got ton the airport and my flight was canceled, I got a different flight and proceeded to go through tsa. I went through just fine, after I got through the checkpoint I was going to use the money my brother gave me to get something to eat, I opened the compartment that my brother put the money in, and it was gone. I called my mother and went back to the checkpoint. I got there and told them what happened, my mother said she saw one of the employees pick up my backpack and open it, they made me take off my shoes and they emptied all my stuff out of my bag, but they never checked the employee in question. They said they checked the cameras and that they didn’t see anything. They told me to file a claim, and I did, but I never got a response or any information about the situation after that day. I don’t care about the money, I just didn’t like that they made me feel as if I had done something wrong, aso if I stole from someone. I have a flight soon and I’m honestly ruing the idea of having to go through tsa.

  11. I REALLY want to go after TSA, by can’t afford an attorney. I have to fly and it gets to where about a month before I have to fly anywhere, I get to where I get apprehensive and angry about having to fly. All because I know how I will be treated by TSA. I can’t sleep, get short tempered at home…The whole 9yards. I remember flying when it was fun and passingers were actually respected as paying customers. No More!

    The airlines wonder why passingers act the way they do and are starting to lose it? They need to go no farther than TSA. People have had it, and by the time you are through security theatre, people are on their last nerve.

    I have to fly in November, and I am not looking forward to it. I have filed complaints, but nothing happens. I complained right on the TSA forums, but ignored. I seriously don’t know what to do a any longer. I’d love to just drive, but my leg issue won’t let me drive long distances comfortably. I’m tired of being embarrassed and angry every time I board a flight.

    Who is out there to contact for help? The last two times….Well…. I’ve had it! There was no reason for the treatment I got, especially at the Rochester International Airport, Rochester, NY

  12. It is 5:30 am in Atlanta at the Hartsfield International Airport and I am reading others horrible experience with TSA after just having had my one at the Main Security Check Point here. I am a 60 year old female with Stage 4 Breast Cancer that has invaded my skin on my chest and abdomen and my left lung. I have open wounds that are not a pretty site so to spare myself and those at the Nude Scanners I chose a ” pat down” . I move slowly especially when sleep deprived as I am this morning. When I arrived at the TSA tray area I was basically intentionally harassed and pushed to move faster than I am able to. My trays with my personal belongings and valubles were passed through to the other side while I was made to stand to the side for at least 15 to 20 minutes. I asked the rude aggressive male TSA employee who had pushed and pressured me if my personal items would be watched and protected from being protected while I waited for a female to pat me down. I was told no we don’t guard your items. While
    waiting I first saw a woman and 2 children go through the metal detector with NO physical pat down performed on any of them and NoNude Body Scan . What? I asked why they were let through without being checked more throughly . I was told because “they are a family” What? So they get a free pass and our safety is put at risk because “they are a family”. Then I watched more people go through without a body scan or pat down tbat were not families but both male and female individuals. Finally, a female employee arrived. She went to the male employee guarding rhe walk through metal detector. He told her I wanted a pat down. She stood there for awhile and something else was said . She walked around to me looked me up and down with a look of irritation and contempt then walked backed over to him. After she turned her back to
    me and walked away I said “Bitch” under my breath. The male employee heard me and told her. He then started threatening me and my 1st Amendment Rights and Civil Liberties. I was then heavily harassed verbally by 2
    Male TSA employees . I loudly and clearly stated that I was being intentionally mistreated and discriminated against because of my race. I stated that they were behaving in a clear discriminatory manner towards me. Reverse in time : before the female TSA arrived I grew tired of standing and waiting for sooo long and concerned about my personal property so I informed tbe male TSA employee to that I changed my mind and wanted to go through the scanner . He said “NO” you are not allowed to and that because I had chosen a pat down I had to stand and wait for a pat down no matter how long it took and could not go through the nude body scanner. I was to move back to the side and wait. Once I stated that I was bring discriminated against and treated badly because of my race (Caucasian) they denied it. All, I mean all TSA employees (20+) at that Main Security Check were not Caucasion. All appeared to me to African American. The Supervisor, a female, finally came and talked me and took me back . The female
    Supervisor performed a professional pat down and then started to accuse me of using profanity around kids and claiming that they had not discriminated against me . Right. Well there were no kids present and “BITCH” is not profanity! It is a Noun or Verb or Slang. She was a bitch to me in her treatment of me and I simply called her out on her behavior towards me , extremely hostile. It was very very clear she was unhappy about being called over to pat me down.
    It was a very unpleasant experience. It was clear tbat all tbe TSA employees involved do not care about customer service , professional behavior and are on a power trip since they are “FEDERAL” employees and have authority us and can treat us however they chose. In closing, I prefer not to label others . Prior to the TSA experience I had had my reserved seat taken on a Megabus from Birmingham to Atlanta. When I attempted to sit next to a woman of color on the bus I was told No and to go ” take a seat at the back of the bus”. I plan to avoid Megabus and the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport from this time forward.

    1. Hi Melinda,

      Apologies for the delay. If you were retaliated against for nothing more than saying “bitch,” your first amendment rights may have been violated. But, it sounds like you have little injury — you were treated rudely but allowed to take your flight. If you haven’t already, I’d be sure to file a complaint on the TSA Web site.



  13. Question? How many TSA agents does it take to randomly search a uniformed working crewmember? Answer 10 TSA agents. This is my story…I am a Delta Flight Attendant working a flight from Honolulu to Seattle-Tacoma Int’l Airport on Wednesday night, May 9, 2018. My sign in time as a working crewmember is 9:10 pm with a departure time of one hour later 10:10 pm. In the employee parking lot, I realized I do not have my Delta employee badge and known crewmember badge. I go straight to the Flight Attendant Lounge for briefing knowing that I have to obtain a Security Clearance pass from a Delta Customer Service Agent at the Delta Ticket Counter in HNL Int’l Airport by showing my Hawaii Driver’s License as an Identification, Again, I am in my navy blue uniform working a flight from HNL to SEA departing at 10:10 pm. I receive my Security Clearance Pass printed like a boarding pass from the CSA with an issued time of 9:24pm. Prior to that time, Delta Scheduling calls me on my cell phone at 9:21 pm wondering where I am at and I tell her I am getting a Security Clearance Pass because I forgot my employee badge and known crewmember badge and she responded with that means you have to go through TSA and I said yes. So I am walking fast to TSA Checkpoint 3 at HNL Int’l Airport getting there by 9:25 pm and walked to the pre check line thinking that I am in uniform working a flight to SEA that it will be okay to enter this lane. Note that there is no long lines of passengers, nobody in line, zero passengers’ waiting in line – begins security cameras will show proof. The first agent looks at my documents and states, “one moment please” and walks to a female TSA agent and shows my documents and she states, “you don’t have your employee badge so you have to go through TSA screening pointing in that direction”. In my mind I am thinking I have to get to the gate to make my departure of 10:10 pm and the clock is ticking. I did not want to walk through the zigzag lines so I asked the male TSA agent if I can take a short cut and lift up this belt to get to the TSA Screening Area and the agent assisted me. So I walk fast to the next TSA area and I lifted the belt and it retracted real fast and made a sound of zzzzzee. Thus begins my ordeal with TSA…The male TSA agent rudely shouts in a rough voice, ” Eh put da belt back!” I said one moment please while I put my luggage down in front of your podium and I will put the belt back. I proceeded to give my security clearance pass and my HI Driver’s license with my “GOLD STAR” on the ID and if looks could kill, I would be dead now because the male TSA agent gave me the stinkest eye but I did not acknowledge him at all, took the documents from him and proceeded to the x-ray belt machine to put my luggage on the belt. I walked through the x-ray monitor and the male TSA agent shouts rudely, “Eh, you not supposed to walk thru that machine, You gotta walk thru the one with the hands above your head! Because I can hear him shouting rudely, I turn around and look at him with my fingers touching my chest and mouth the words, are you talking to me? The male TSA agent said, Yeah, You! So I proceeded to walk out from the first x-ray monitor to walk thru the AIT monitor with my hands above my head. The female agent standing by the first monitor machine did not say take everything out of your pockets so I walked thru the AIT monitor and the other female TSA agent said come out your okay. So I am out of the AIT monitor and a male TSA agent said I have to pat you down and take everything out of your pockets. I said paper, wallet, pens and he said everything into this bowl. The male TSA agent said, “Turn around and hands extended out!” I complied and in my mind I am thinking that I have to make my flight of 10:10 pm and the clock is ticking. The male TSA agent said, “I’m going to touch your back” and he touches my back, “I’m going to touch your buttocks area” and pats me down by my buttocks area, “I’m going to touch between your legs” and proceeded with palms facing each other starting at bottom of left ankle zoomed all the way up hitting my scrotum area (nut sack). I am in shock and stunned with what just happened. He proceeded to do the same with my right ankle with palms facing each other at the very bottom of my right ankle zoomed all the way up my leg hitting my scrotum area (nut sack) AGAIN! Shocked and stunned, I could not believe that the male TSA agent did it TWICE hitting my scrotum area (nut sack). Again, I am in uniform going to work a flight and the male TSA agent must have detected something in my scrotum area to do that motion of hitting it with his thumb and index finger webbed area. I did not buckle because I was in shock and stunned of just what happened and all I wanted to do is make my flight to SEA. The male TSA agent said to take my belt off and hold my belt loops and said I was good to go. Still shocked and stunned, I proceeded to put my belt on and gather my belongings off the x-ray belt area. This time, another male TSA agent says out loud, “I have to search thru your luggage, holding my big luggage. I said, Let me gather my belongings and he replied, “Are you disrespecting me?” I looked him straight in the eye and said, “disrespecting you? I can show you how a disrespectful person can be to you right now!” “let me gather my belongings off the belt and you can search my luggage.” So another female TSA agent chimes in by saying, “Is there an issue?” I said an issue? You are making it an issue right now because I zipped through TSA with just the same documents last month without my employee badge and when did this all change?” She said a couple of days ago. In my mind, I said LIAR! I am all ready ticked off, my madness is thru the roof and I still have to make my flight to SEA. I gather all my belongings off the x-ray belt and follow the male TSA agent to search my big luggage. I put my hands on the counter and he said, “Take your hands off the counter” Time is ticking and I look at my wrist watch and it is 9:35 pm. He opens my luggage very slow and proceeds to pat down my clothes, This time I got his name because the male TSA agent was moving slower than a turtle. His name is Andrew…and I told myself to remember his first and last name because this is going to be written up. Moving slow and knowing he is trying to rile me up and have me talk back at him, I decide to stand and breathe in and out slowly because my blood pressure is boiling at this time and I am praying to Jesus to get me thru this hell I am going thru and at the same time humming the tune from Frozen, “Let it go, Let it go”. The TSA agent (Andrew) decides to go thru my toiletry kit in clear plastic bags slowly by taking the big bottles over 3.4 oz and putting it aside and leaving the small bottles inside the plastic bag. By this time Delta Scheduling is calling my cell phone and wondering where I am at and it is 9:37 pm and I answer and tell her I am TSA Security checkpoint area and TSA are going thru my bags SLOWLY, making sure they hear the words SLOWLY. She said to call scheduling as soon as I am on the airplane. Clock is ticking, now it is 9:40 pm and decide to speak up and say my flight is departing at 10:10 pm and I am a working crewmember so please hurry up. Long story short, Andrew is dumbfounded after all the hard work he went thru to check my luggage, the female TSA supervisor checked the manifest and saw my name on it and let me take the big bottles with me. Now it is 9:45 pm and I walk fast to Gate 18, the farthest gate ever. Before I forget, the female TSA supervisor says under her breath to me, You know we are doing our job and shouted to her TSA agents, “let’s have a meeting!” I told myself you better have a meeting because I know they were going to collaborate their story against my lone voice. Ten TSA agents to one lone voice working crewmember in uniform. Needless to say, I made the flight and we departed ten minutes late at 10:20 pm. Thus begins the paper trail because I have to write up in details of what happened on Wednesday night, May 9, 2018…

  14. Orlando black TSA female walks up to me and says I want to take you to a room and strip search you. I said no. I had absolutely no metal on my person. She said spread your legs than she said wider she rammed her hands up my vagina hurting me. Than she ran away. I went to the bathroom and could not wipe myself I was in so much pain. I hope she rots in hell.

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