UPDATE: CBP Patrolling *Inside* Music Festival!

I posted earlier about TSA patrolling outside of Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival. DHS apparently doesn’t want to stop there: inside the festival, there were uniformed border patrol agents:

What could CBP possibly be lawfully doing in a music festival? Well, of course, I asked. The response was along the lines of: “We’re within 50 miles of the border, and can patrol anywhere we want to. We can enforce both state and federal laws.”

Absolutely astounding.

20 thoughts on “UPDATE: CBP Patrolling *Inside* Music Festival!

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  1. I was amazed to learn that, while I was sleeping (for the past 40 years or so), the great Commonwealth of KY has been passing legislation that allows federal officers jurisdiction inside my state without the need for the Sheriff. Today, there are nine federal agencies that can arrest me for a broken taillight in KY: FBI, Secret Service, US Marshals, DEA, BATF, US Forest Service, Office of Inspector General, US Customs, US Nat’l Park Service. DHS, FDA and USDA is coming, I feel sure… except that KY knows we are watching now and that we aren’t happy.

    I found out this was happening this past session when they tried to slip in the Mint Police. What federal agencies have jurisdiction in your state?

  2. This guy relies on the goodwill of the people to be able to stand isolated and safe in such a large crowd. It would be easy to disarm him and disable his communications.T h e n what is he going to do?

    1. I am sure that guy relies on his training to keep himself safe as did every other cop there.

      I assume he’s there trying to keep everybody safe as were Detroit Police, State Police and Wayne County Sheriffs. Besides from Hart Plaza you can spit on the border. The news said there were no incidents inside the festival, but right outside the fences on Monday night 4 people were shot, one died. Several people were robbed at gun=point outside the fence.

      I saw that guy stop a group of guys who tried to rush the entrance by the river. All the cops were friendly and didnt seem to have any issues with everybody who was there. After reading your post and a few others here, a lot of you are the people with sterotypes and wild accusations and assumptions and spout off about doing violence just because someone is there … jump him, disarm him, kick his butt… why because he is standing there doing a job bothering nobody.


      1. Uh oh, you forgot your reading of the Constitution. No federal officers doing police work on state lands. The Founders made a very clear line between state jurisdiction and federal. There’s a reason for that.

      2. Are you serious…are you a cop?
        If this guy wants to do his job, then he needs to get the shamless corporate heads, or union thugs, or illegals crossing our borders, or the illegal President. Most music festivals I have gone to have had there own security, not armed wannabes chekcing out the chicks behind their dark sunglasses.
        Grow up????
        Why don’t you wake up…

  3. I know if I was looking to arrest illegal immigrants I would focus on a techno concert in michigan! homeland security folks are smart and are ahead of all problems they face! tsa could work nursery schools too! I heard that a kid once pulled another kids hair, that kid maybe a future terrorist!

  4. These Bolshevik Agents are just testing the waters to see how much more harassment they can get away with, even when outnumbered.

    Why are these people not demanding his removal?
    Why are these people not placing this sub-mental goon under Citizen’s Arrest?
    Why are these people not disarming him?
    Why are these people not kicking his rear end?

  5. Only in the pea brain of a libtard is the presence of law enforcement (federal, state or otherwise) in one of the most violent cities in the county viewed as a bad thing. DPD can’t provide enough officers to control the crowds of you pot smoking suburbanites so they get assistance from other agencies. This is simple. Grow up and accept it.

    1. Actually, I’m conservative/libertarian and have voted Republican most of my life. This is not an issue that is decided by the letters R or D. Civil rights issues affect all of us, and no political party enjoys being strip searched at airports or having federal police breathing down their necks as they try and listen to music.

      But, I’m probably wasting my breath on someone who thinks marijuana users need to be “controlled.” Pro-tip: The violence in Detroit is caused by people who have no jobs and therefore turn to the streets, not because of drug usage, and certainly not marijuana usage.

    2. Millions of US Vets are sick and God Damned tired of honest hard working people being slandered as “terrorists”, treated like they’re guilty until proven innocent, and I am just one of them.

      Even the intellectually challenged are being targeted by the same illegal and immoral elements. That includes freedom -fearing wingnuts like you, idiot.

      First, they came for the terrorists,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a terrorist.
      Then they came for the foreigners,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a foreigner.
      Then they came for the Arab-Americans,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t Arab-American.
      Then they came for the radical dissenters,
      and I didn’t speak up because I was just an ordinary troubled citizen.

      They they came for me,
      and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.

      Chew on that for a while.

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