TSA: Large Amounts of Currency Will Be Referred to Law Enforcement

I came across some old legal docs the TSA filed, and found some interesting remarks in this one:


Page 19: “When currency appears to be indicative of criminal activity, TSA may report the matter to the appropriate authorities. For all flights, factors indicating that cash is related to criminal activity include the quantity, packaging, circumstances of discovery, or method by which the cash is carried, including concealment.” Continues to state that TSA will verify you’ve reported to CBP if >$10K is flying internationally.

Page 24: “When TSA discovers contraband during the screening process that is not a TSA Prohibited Item, the matter should be referred to the local Law Enforcement Officers as appropriate. An Enforcement Investigative Report should not be initiated. Examples of such contraband include: … Large amounts of cash ($10,000).”

The TSA is empowered by Congress ONLY to find weapons, explosives, and incendiaries. They often times report people for drug possession, arguing that they were searching for WEI but just “happened” to find drugs, and therefore it’s cool. But cash?! Cash isn’t illegal at all, and assuming malintent or trying to enforce customs rules is NOT within the scope of their mission.

Best part: they’re more likely to refer you to law enforcement if you conceal your cash. If you leave it in plain sight for the TSA to steal, it’s much more acceptable.

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  1. I’ve always thought TSA security procedures were designed to discover cash and drugs. If I ever travel by commercial airlines again (doubt it) I will use a jockey-strap made for an athletic cup, and substitute cash for the cup. This is also why the TSA insists on touching people’s breasts and genitals. This isn’t for security purposes. They are looking for c a s h. TSA has been designed to dismantle the commercial avaition industry into a cash-less, freedom-less, modern-day G e s t a p o – T r a n s p o r t a t i o n – C a r t e l. The United States Congress K N O W S what they are doing.

  2. Wow we Americans are so lucky. We can get our mammograms at the airport now, as well as an evaluation of any medical procedures and implements such as implants and artificial limbs. And now we have agents at the airport giving our cash transactions their seal of approval ! NOT!

  3. Aren’t we lucky that all the aggravation the TSA puts those who are still flying thru only costs 57.8 Billion dollars, what a deal.

  4. I don’t understand why they would be referring anyone with cash over $10,000. A currency transaction report is issued to FinCen for amounts GREATER than $10,000. It must be at least 1 cent over the $10,000. If you take an amount out of a bank greater than the 10 K, they issue a CTR or a Suspiciout Activity Report. If you structure your draws from a bank, a CTR or SAR is also required. So, if our banks and Non Bank Financial Institutions have this responsibility to do the reporting, why is TSA getting involved. It is not illegal to possess large amounts of cash. It is perfectly legal to do so.

    1. actually I work in the financial services industry. The new law is $3000. If someone withdraws more than 3000 or equivalent across less than 72 hours your supposed to report it as suspicious activity and it is then investigated. This was under “homeland security” to “prevent” funding of terrorism. That’s right, removing your own money from your own bank is investigated.

      1. Thanks for the reminder. I think those restrictions started to fall in place under the Reagan administration, with his War on Drugs. Reagan talked out of both ends, espousing freedom and liberty with his mouth but flicking the switch for the final leg of a march towards a totalitarian state.

        For those who want to blame Obama, or Bush, it wasn’t just one dude, it was several of these “fine gentlemen” (cough cough gag) serving as POTUS and their henchmen and women in Congress who led us down this path, and this march has been going on for years.

  5. Hey! The Oversight & Reform Committee just put out this notice:

    “Have you had a TSA travel experience? Do you have a question for TSA leadership? Logon to Facebook.com/Oversight and tell us your story and we’ll share and ask as many as we can!

    Go to Facebook.com/Oversight to tell your story.

    On March 26, 2012, the Oversight Committee and the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee will hold a joint hearing on TSA security procedures.”

    I got the information from the Oversight Committee’s Flickr page and thought that you might be interested in sharing your video about the scanners with them.

    1. I’d be careful with that. Facebook is a well-known source for government surveillance. FB itself will serve you to the feds on a silver platter.

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  7. I agree with your findings. FYI – Flying in and out of Medical Marijuana states: the TSA will not report you or take your medicine with proof of prescription; as long as its within the state’s legal amount. To sum up: it’s up to the local police; and the local police do not want to tie up their resources in a medical marijuana case.

  8. ““When currency appears to be indicative of criminal activity…”

    Criminal activity as defined by the TSA, et al shall be any type of activity they so deem as criminal.

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