First, thank you. All of you. The support has been crazy. My e-mail has not stopped making noise, nor has my phone. I know when my original lawsuit came out, the response was largely positive, but there were many who didn’t think the scanners were a big deal — “anything for our safety.” A year and a half later, I’m very pleased to report that America is awakening, and comments in support outnumber comments against by 20 to 1 on every site I’ve seen. Making not only Drudge Report, but also #1 spots on Slashdot, Y Combinator, and Reddit is an unbelievable honor as a tech person. We’ve had nearly one million hits here at this blog and who knows how many more via YouTube and the plethora of mirrors. Thank you also for the donations — it makes it much easier for me to get my legal fight against the TSA accomplished!

I’ve had a few requests for the full versions of the hidden videos that I took in the airports. I’ve posted them here (audio didn’t sync well, but oh well):


The TSA’s official response (from Blogger Bob — was that “some guy” posted a video that was “a crude attempt to allegedly show how to circumvent TSA screening procedures.” The response then went on to say that they “can’t discuss” it and that the nude body scanners are just “one layer” of security so not to worry.

¿Que? You just spent $1B on a system that makes us LESS safe than the system you replaced — invading our privacy and rights in the meantime — and all you’re going to do is make fun of my research, which put your agency to shame, for being “crude?” Which “layer” do you think is going to address the fact that it’s trivial to bring a gun through AIT? Is it the “behavior detection” program that failed to detect me taking (not very) hidden camera footage while bringing a metallic object through the AIT?

This “layer” is broken, in SO many ways, and not another dollar should be spent on it. Sell the scanners, and buy dogs. I do hope that my video is the last straw for Congress in funding this agency, and I am optimistic that we’ve reached that turning point!

Edit: One more thing, guys! The TSA could have chosen a lot of ways to respond to this, and they selected “downplay it.” The only way they can win with this method is if we all let it go. Keep at them! Opt-out of the scanners at the airports (I *ALWAYS* do — the two times you see me going through AIT in the video are the only two times I’ve ever been through a TSA scanner — and in fact, I opt-out of having my genitals touched during pat-downs, which often gets me kicked out of airports), and PLEASE KEEP AT YOUR LEGISLATORS! I know it often times seems like you’re talking to deaf ears, but the message, slowly, surely, does get through! –Jon