TSA Re-Names SecOps Center to — Get This — “Freedom Center”

This happened several months ago, but I think it was quietly enough that no one noticed:

On June 21, TSA’s primary operational hub was re-named the Freedom Center, symbolizing the agency’s commitment to protecting the nation’s transportation systems against terrorist threats

Source: http://www.tsa.gov/press/speeches/freedom_dedication.shtm

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. The TSA stands for the exact opposite of freedom: “securing” our nation by giving up our freedoms at airports and, increasingly, train stations, subways, bus stations, and highways. One has to question whether the TSA management has read Orwell and is applying it intentionally. But, one would first have to question whether TSA management can read.



4 thoughts on “TSA Re-Names SecOps Center to — Get This — “Freedom Center”

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  1. That is how they taken Our Country away from Us.
    By doing it quietly enough that no one notices.
    One brick in the wall at a time.
    Why do the American People keep sending the same people to Congress and the Senate?
    This I have never been able to understand.
    Drain the damn swamp and see just what lies under the surface.

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