Appeal Fully Briefed

My appeal is now in the hands of the court.  The documents the court will consider are below (the bottom two of which are new):

Corbett v. US – Record Excerpts (.pdf) – A compilation of District Court documents
Corbett v. US – Appellant’s Brief (.pdf) – My appellate brief
Corbett v. US – Appellee’s Brief (.pdf) – The TSA’s appellate brief
Corbett v. US – Reply Brief (.pdf) – The last word — my reply to the government’s brief

There’s no set timeframe in which the court must rule, but a typical wait would be a month or two.  I’m feeling rather neutral about our chances of success.  A lot of great arguments for the appeal were submitted to the court, but then again, a lot of great arguments were made in the District Court that went ignored.  I’ll update you guys as soon as I hear something!


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  1. I am in the process of locating an attorney for a recent violation by TSA… I would appreciate any input you might have that might assist me as I charge angrily down this path … I applaud your efforts and seek to bring attention to this matter too. I am a 45 year old professional woman, who travels often for work, and never sets off any alarms, nor dresses in a manner that would preclude accurate assessment. The search I was subjected to was life-changing, has left me emotionally distraught, and has impacted me in many negative ways. I am further, a staunch Constitutionalist, and want to speak out on this incident so we can make sure it does not happen to others. Thanks in advance for any commentary you might provide.

    1. Hi Barbara, welcome to the blog! I can provide my thoughts and tell you what I would do, but can’t legal advice. 🙂 If the search you’re referring to was a “standard” TSA grope, I wouldn’t file a suit at this time since there are already at least half a dozen, including my own, going after that, and we’re a year ahead in the legal process. Instead, I’d concentrate on making the issue more well-known, through protests, handing out flyers at airports, donating time and money to groups like EPIC, etc. But, if the search was something beyond the “standard” — if they made you take off articles of clothing, for example — then I would look to consider a claim.


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