TSA Ignores Complaints During Pilot Program

In 2009, the TSA ran a pilot program for the nude body scanners in a handful of airports, and as a result of their “great success” decided to roll out the plan en masse. However, what didn’t come out until 2011 is that at least 100 people sent the TSA complaints about the intrusiveness of the new search regime during the 2009 pilot program. At the start of 2011, we now face about 100x as many body scanners as we did at the start of 2009. Openness and honesty are lacking, and it took a lawsuit by EPIC to reveal these complaints.

Please find the voices of the ignored below, with thanks to EPIC for providing to us…

EPIC v . DHS – Administrative Record – Complaints

4 thoughts on “TSA Ignores Complaints During Pilot Program

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  1. I was put through one of these scanners during the test phase (at the Las Vegas airport) and then groped by a female officer (she said they “didn’t get a clear picture” of my breasts). Vile. And I still feel upset about the level of sexual assault perpetrated on me. Recently, a woman named Magee Thedala or Thedala Magee at LAX stuck the side of her hand INTO my vagina FOUR times. Between my labia. I sobbed my guts out the whole time and I hope others will follow my lead and not go quietly as their rights are violated. Cry for being sexually assaulted and cry for the Constitution.

  2. Cry? thats your answer to this violation of our civil rights! How about doing something that might help to have this abtrusive behavior stopped. Contact your elected officials and continue to contact them until these tactics are STOPPED. Stop flying, but don’t just cry!!!

  3. [[Cry?]]

    Yes, cry. Make a scene. Graphic, emotional images work wonders on the collective psyches of the rest of We The People. Millions of otherwise good people never thought twice about black civil rights until blacks were shown being washed down the streets by firehoses. Emotional imagery makes people think when they perhaps had never considered it before.

    My personal plan is to bump and grind to any handjob I get, “Oooh, big guy! You do that so well – you’ve had practice…”

    Your legislators aren’t going to do anything, even those few who are truly sympathetic to the cause, because doing something would result in the government losing power – which is a greater concern to them. Their job is to GAIN power; with power comes relevance. And they want to be relevant.

    First it’s TSA, next it’s FDA, then USDA, then SSA, then ATF, then IRS … all these agencies abusing their powers and being curtailed. Where will it end? Congress can’t have that unless they see MASSIVE civil disruptions by people unwilling to politely put up with it any longer.

    So, yes, cry. Wail, sob, bawl like a baby, gnash your teeth, fall to the ground and have the same hissy fit liberals do when anyone mentions “tea party”, advise your molestor you’ve got a 1stAM and you’re going to use it … and then use it, profanely, to describe exactly what is happening so that everyone else can hear. And above all, take your molestation in public! Do NOT go the the “private back room”.

    Our job is to humiliate the blue-shirted brownshirts at least as much as they humiliate us. And that can’t happen in private. In private you get arrested. In public there are witnesses.

    Cry your eyes out.

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