No update on the lawsuit today, but a question for you all: Have you talked to *everyone* you possibly can about the problems relating to the TSA?  The courts may decide to halt the body scanners and molestation, eventually, but the fastest way is to have an angered population demand changes from our representatives.

We are the frequent flyers, the rights advocates, and the people who understand why what’s going on is a problem.  Not everyone does, and that’s holding us back.  Most Americans don’t fly often, and so they don’t really care, because they don’t understand what’s going on.  They don’t understand that when we say the pat-downs are molesting our families, we actually mean that the government is touching their genitals.  They don’t understand that a “body scanner” essentially creates a 3D, black & white image of your nude body.

But most importantly, they don’t understand that none of this actually makes us any safer.  A metal detector will alarm if I place a firearm in my ass, while neither a nude body scanner nor a pat down will help.  A metal detector will alert a sleeping TSO to a problem, where a nude body scanner will allow the TSO to continue his snooze.  …and neither a metal detector, nude body scanner, nor pat-down will solve the problems created by not scanning vendors, not scanning all checked luggage, and the gaping holes in the TSA’s hiring practices that allow criminals to run checkpoints (and touch your children).

Please take some time to educate your family, friends, and random strangers about what is going on here.  Devote a Facebook status to it, put up a flyer on your company’s poster board, and talk with your fellow passengers while waiting in the long security lines in the airports.  If you haven’t contacted your representatives yet, please do so, but contacting your personal network is just as important.