Today, Jonathan Blitz filed his reply to the government’s motion to dismiss in his case, so we now have 3 cases in US district courts ready to rumble on the issue of jurisdiction.  

Corbett v. US, 10-CV-24106, SDFL 11/16/2010 (11th Cir.)
Redfern v. Napolitano, 10-CV-12048, MAD 11/29/2010 (1st Cir.)
Blitz v. Napolitano, 10-CV-930, MDNC, 12/03/2010 (4th Cir.)

Blitz is a brilliant guy, and I’ve attached his public filing here, as it’s a great read.  The next cases to get to this point will be in the DC and CO (10th Cir.), and I’ll update everyone as the public filings are made. 🙂


Blitz Opposition to Motion to Dismiss (.pdf)