Briefed: Blitz, Redfern, and Corbett

Today, Jonathan Blitz filed his reply to the government’s motion to dismiss in his case, so we now have 3 cases in US district courts ready to rumble on the issue of jurisdiction.  

Corbett v. US, 10-CV-24106, SDFL 11/16/2010 (11th Cir.)
Redfern v. Napolitano, 10-CV-12048, MAD 11/29/2010 (1st Cir.)
Blitz v. Napolitano, 10-CV-930, MDNC, 12/03/2010 (4th Cir.)

Blitz is a brilliant guy, and I’ve attached his public filing here, as it’s a great read.  The next cases to get to this point will be in the DC and CO (10th Cir.), and I’ll update everyone as the public filings are made. 🙂


Blitz Opposition to Motion to Dismiss (.pdf)

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  1. Dear Jon,
    Thank you so, so much for doing this. I am not a lawyer, but a newspaper columnist and author, and I have a plan for wide-scale civil disobedience at TSA searches, but I need to ask some questions (brief!) of somebody with a legal background to understand what the parameters are. I think I’ve come up with a way for people to be disobedient at TSA searches without missing their flights or getting arrested — and perhaps in a way that will help in pulling back the bureaucracy to where we aren’t having our Fourth Amendment rights violated. If you would be interested in weighing in, I’ve input my email address. If not, I totally understand — and again, am very grateful for what you’ve done in bringing suit. Many, many thanks. -Amy Alkon

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