Filing Your Own Suit

I’ve had several requests for the Word versions of my legal documents so that people can file their own suit against the TSA.  I’m not an attorney and can’t give you legal advice (so nothing in this blog should be construed as such), but since my suit only asks for an injunction rather than for money, it seems to me that filing additional suits asking for the TSA to be enjoined from their behavior won’t make things go any faster.  In other words, 1 injunction is just as good as 100.  You can believe that I’m pressing this suit forward as fast as possible, and faster and harder than any law firm would or could.

However, if you’ve been groped against your will by the TSA and want to ask for money damages, I do recommend (personally and not as an attorney) pursuing that.  Depending on what you’d like to sue for (which depends on your state’s laws), you may need to file a claim with the government before filing a suit, as the government is entitled to special rules when it comes to suing them.  (Note that my suit uses the US Constitution as the basis for its claim, instead of state or federal law, which allows me to bypass some of those special rules, as no rules are above the Constitution!  If only the TSA understood this…)

A quick Google search for “How to sue the United States” is a good place to start.  Take everything with a grain of salt, because law is not an exact science, and the Internet makes for a poorly controlled laboratory. 🙂  If you can afford it or find free one, a lawyer is great, especially if you haven’t ever filed a suit before, since you’ll end up with the entire Department of Justice working against you.

But, if you’re willing to do the research and want to do it yourself, I’d go for it.  I’m a firm believer that any determined citizen can petition the government for a redress of his or her grievances without an attorney.  After you figure out your cause of action (what you want to sue them for) and figure out any special obstacles you may encounter because you’re suing the US (including and especially, the proper party to sue: the US?  DHS?  Big Sis, in her official capacity?  …or as an individual?  …or the screener who molested you?  etc.), you’ll also want to read the current Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which is essentially a guide to the rules of lawsuits in federal court.  It won’t teach you what to say, but it will tell you when and how you should (or must) say it.

As always, if I can be of any assistance to you in your struggle for your rights, please let me know, and definitely let me know if you file a suit, as I’d love to watch it progress!


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