Why I Filed Suit Against the TSA

My name is Jon, and I’m an entrepreneur and a frequent traveler, both for my businesses and for personal travel.  My largest business works in technology, and quite simply, I need to fly to maintain my customer relationships.  About 2 weeks ago, the TSA introduced new screening policies at airport checkpoints all over the country.  To put it bluntly, travelers are given a choice between letting the TSA photgraph or touch your private parts.

The nude body scanners (also known as “AIT devices,” “backscatter x-rays,” and by at least one TSA agent, a “dick measuring device”) produce clear and graphic images of ones body.  The TSA justifies this by saying, “Well, only one person gets to see it, and he’s far away and can’t save the images.”  Even if we assume this to be true, it does not make the virtual strip search any less of a virtual strip search, and doesn’t make it any more right.

If you decline the nude body scanners, the TSA requires you to submit to an “enhanced pat down,” during which they will be grabbing between your legs.  The TSA has been reported by many to have not only touched, but squeezed, lifted, and twisted the genitals, butt, and breasts of passengers for no reason other than that they purchased an air ticket.

The incidences of this have been plenty, and a simple Google or YouTube search will turn up plenty of results.  In one of the more troubling cases, a man recently declined to allow the TSA to touch “his junk” and was threatened with a $10,000 fine for non-compliance.

This afternoon, I filed lawsuit in Federal court in Miami requesting an injunction against the TSA to prevent them from touching or photographing our private areas without any reasonable suspicion.  Having grown up in New York and personally seeing the smoke rise from the towers that morning in 2001, I know the threat of terrorism is real, and I know we must defend ourselves.  This does not mean that the Constitution should be ignored, and indeed, the TSA has plenty of alternative screening procedures that are less invasive.  Besides the privacy issue, there have been health issues raised as to the radiation produced by the imaging devices, as well as efficacy issues, with no good studies having been done to show that this imagery makes us any safer.

The best defense for an airplane is the travelers, who I’m confident post-9/11 would stand up and beat the crap out of anyone who tried to hijack a plane.  Indeed, the passengers of aircraft since 9/11 have stopped multiple terrorist attacks, while I know of not one time that the TSA has stopped a terrorist with an explosive from going through security.  So, I urge the TSA to not make us feel like criminals or try to force us to be submissive to their sexual assaults, as we, not you, are the last line of defense on that plane.

My lawsuit asks for no money damages and is entirely self-funded.  I expect it will end up being expensive and if you would like to make a donation, you can send it via PayPal (e-mail below), but the more important donation is for you to write to and call your legislators, and if travelling, refuse to allow the government to photograph or touch you (and your family) in a way that makes you uncomfortable.  Please don’t let the government treat you like this.  By standing up for yourself, you stand up for all of us.

The case is Corbett v. US, 10-CV-24106, filed in US District Court for the Southern District of Florida.  If you are an attorney interested in assisting, please also feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading,

jon [at] fourtentech.com

Corbett v. US – Complaint (.pdf)

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  1. Jon, thank you. I do want to offer the idea that if the government was actually serious about securing the aircraft, all the has to happen is to take out the cockpit door. If the pilots entered from the outside of the aircraft instead of through the passenger cabin, then the cockpit could not be ‘taken over’ in flight, and we have instantly prevented any additional 9/11 style attack.

    This would be a major retrofit for existing aircraft, but possible; and certainly less expensive than supporting the TSA. Moving ahead, however, it would be a simple design change. Had we required this change a decade ago our planes would largely be safer right now. We would also be able to do away with pilots carrying guns (remember the Southwest pilot shooting inside the cockpit?) and the US Air Marshal program, because no passenger can threaten the flight crew.

    VERY FEW flights internationally, and ZERO flights domestically require a replacement crew. Closing the crew off from the cabin means different toilet arrangements and self-service coffee. The access to the cabin is absolutely not necessary.

  2. Very nice! Good luck, Jon.

    The TSA is a monstrous infuriating fraud. It’s absolutely horrific what they have done to the US. Airports terrify me now and I just wish that this cancer of a government department could be stopped.

  3. ❤ Good luck! I love what you are doing.

    Seriously, this has got to stop. I've already written my Senators, my Representative, the President, and my favorite airline.

    Flying is often a necessity and shouldn't entail completely giving up our 4th Amendment rights. I realize we need security, but these new measures cross the line unless there is probable cause. Buying a plane ticket shouldn't make me or my family a criminal! Instead of body scanners or overly invasive pat downs, we need to work on improving our use of no-fly lists and integrating intelligence among agencies. Our existing intelligence, if used wisely, would do much more to ensure passenger safety than these overly intrusive screening measures.

  4. Just wanted to relate my experience at the Hartsfield Atlanta Airport Sunday. I happened to find that he fastest line at the airport had a surprise at the end – a backscatter naked scanning machine. As I got to the front of the line, I realized my mistake. I asked the TSA attendant if I could use the standard x-ray machine in the adjacent line, as I would prefer not to go through the backscatter machine. She said no, I had to go through it. I said I would like a hand inspection. She called for another agent. I was unceremoniously asked to step aside and wait for the agent. An agent came and escorted me to the rollers on the xray belt to point out my belongings. He gathered it up and took it to a nearby bench.

    I followed him to an inspection area. Next to me at the bench was an older lady, about my mom’s age who was about to start a similar inspection. Poor lady, she was frightened, embarrassed, angry, and humiliated. You could tell by her voice that she was really upset. The agent came with my belongings, and asked If I would stand up and spread my arms. I asked if I could have a private inspection. He said there was a line and did I want to wait. I said yes. The lady next to me was asked if she wanted a private inspection. She was upset, explained about the line, and she said, “no, I am going to be late to my plane.” She was even more upset when her agent explained how she was going to be inspected. I followed my agent to the inspection room area.

    I immediately asked, in accordance with TSA rights, if I he would put new gloves on, and if I could have a gown. He said yes. He escorted me to the room – an electrical closet (so I traded one form of radiation exposure for another). Another witness TSA agent was in the room. No gown – I was half expecting to be strip searched, but it was an over clothes inspection. I would have proudly worn the government issued uniform through the airport.

    I was nervous – this is pretty intimidating. With the three of us in the room, he explained the back of the hand lower body inspection process , inside waistband feel, upper body and leg grope. I stood mute. He asked if I had any medical or religious reasons not to follow any procedure. I stood mute. He asked if I had any questions – I said I believe this is a violation of due process and an illegal search in violation of the constitution. I asked that he not touch my genitals. He proceeded to do his pat down. The leg inspection put his hand in contact with my testicles through clothing, the waistband inspection with my lower abdomen.

    Upon concluding the inspection, he removed his gloves and said he was going to have them tested for residue. While he left, I asked the second agent if he had a lot of protests. He said a few. He said he does not know how he feels about this. On one hand he understands the safety concerns, on the other, he does not know if would want to be inspected this way. He said he understood my objection. The TSA agent returned and said I was free to go. He took my belongings to the bench and I reassembled myself.

    The poor lady was still there. She was practically in tears. I really felt bad for her. Invasively searching our mothers, children, and citizens is not right. Anyway, got to finish up – plane is taking off.

    About me – I am a typical (until two weeks ago) blue state Midwesterner – 40 something years old, lawyer, married, father of two children with a third on the way, Eagle Scout and church choir member. I am not a believer in the far left or right. In this case, the government is overstepping and needs to change.
    Sunday November, 14, 2010

    1. It’s so outrageous. Please, join us on FB: All Facebook Against Airport Full Body Scanners. Report your incident. Don’t remain silent.We all need to speak up!

  5. Simple solution, folks.
    As the good witch told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “you’ve had the power all the time.”
    And so do we.
    Quit flying, TELL the airlines you will NOT fly again until THEY remove the TSA.
    Guaranteed to bring them down.
    And yes, you ARE welcome !

    1. That really would help solve the problem – issue is, sometimes air travel cannot be avoided for work or to reach family that is far from where one might live.

      A boycott would be great.

    2. So, just exactly how am I supposed to get to get to London, eh? Take a Bus?

      Travel has inherent risks. Car accidents, train derailments, plane crashes are all tragic elements of life. An act by an individual or group of mass murder cannot be entirely eliminated as we all have free will.

      I choose not to be coerced into an unreasonable search on the basis of an act that someone else may perpetrate. I will pay my money and take my choice and my chances. If you are afraid, don’t fly.

      Man up, or stay home. If you stay home OR knuckle under to this loss of your rights as an American, then the bad guys win. And, I’m all for them losing.

  6. GET the phone videos running, document the TSA behavior. Having cockpit isolated doesn’t keep explosives from cabin, regular and most frequent flyers can’t say NO to flying – income depends on it. The better answer is to stop this unconstitutional, spirit-breaking TSA behavior. Protest to airlines, travel agency, state and federal representatives and document with phone video.

    The world has a history of what this demeaning, authoritative type of government behavior leads to, it never gets better. Write, call, give it 20 minutes of your day, each day. We can get this over-turned. God Bless Patriot Warriors willing to say NO to TSA, even when their travel plans are at stake or a night in jail.

  7. Oh, I get it.
    You’re more than willing to surrender an essential liberty to preserve your paycheck.

    Closet patriots, the lot of ya’, make me ashamed to share the same geographic area with you.

    1. Mark Edward – Canada is just to the North of here and Mexico to the South. It’s pretty simple to correct your ashamed attitude. Don’t let the door slap you on your @$$ on the way out.

  8. In addition to no longer flying, if you TRULY want to remove the threat in the first place, insist and demand the U.S. remove ALL troops from around the globe, quit violating sovereign, foreign nations.
    But, I realize most Amerikans are just too bloodthirsty to handle that.

    1. Oh…Amerikans, bloodthirsty…there are your tip-offs, folks. Now MarkEdward exposes himself for what he truly is.

      Get lost, Leftie. Some of us have to deal with the devil, because like most normal Amerikans, we have financial responsibilities that we take seriously. And if we are forced to endure the humiliation of the TSA thing, then we must. But not without protest. As for you…go back to writing your biography of Che Guevara.


    2. And by the way – a Google search of Marchiafava will tell you all about him. I’m surprised and disappointed with you, Mark. Unless you are an anarchist (which I suspect you are), your comments seem inconsistent with one who would love freedom and individual liberty. In fact, I was waiting for you to blame Bush for all this mess.


  9. Jon,
    Thank you for taking the initiative to protect not only your rights under the Constitution, but the rights of every American citizen. My two daughter-in-laws and I made a business trip to Dallas Texas. On our return through TSA in the Dallas airport, I, and one daughter-in-law were pulled aside to enter the ‘naked machine’. My daughter-in-law, afraid to deny TSA access, agreed to the scan, but after exiting she was still subjected to a pat down. I refused to go through the scan and was forced to an extensive pat down. I voiced my displeasure and stated that my Constitutional rights were being violated. One older TSA agent commented to me that I was being “a little exuberant”. I replied, “Exuberant?” It was at that moment I realized I was being threatened into submission. Mind you, I was not yelling, throwing a tantrum, or being loud or obnoxious, but the message from TSA was clear. I walked to the gate feeling humiliated and violated; angry that I allowed myself to be forced into submission through a passive threat. It was apparent that I and my daughter-in-law were only two of many being stripped of our constitutional rights under the premise that it was for the greater good. While there are those that would argue that our safety should override our Constitutional rights, we should consider the implications on a larger scale. Over 3,000 Americans were murdered on 9/11, while 47,000 American automobile fatalities occur annually. Would it suffice to say that each driver should be subjected to a pat down and search before turning the key in their cars? There are many illegal activities resulting in death being conducted in private residences; should searches of each and every American home be performed without warrant or immediate and substantial probable cause? On both accounts, the answer is absolutely no. Through fear and intimidation, the American government is trying to convince the public that illegal searches and violating privacy is for the purpose of keeping us safe. Unfortunately, people are buying into the idea. There are better ways to secure our borders and keep America safe. American Democracy and the U.S. Constitution have kept us safe for over 200 years; stripping away those rights will endanger every American of the true safety we hold so dear. Sign me, Not a Criminal!

    1. You can sign me, “more than willing to undergo a search” if it will make any one passenger feel more safe. My kids fly, and I fly, and maybe it’s not a perfect system, but TSA “rights violations” are a heck of a lot it more effective than a bunch of lawyers filing suits to stop bombers…

      1. Yeah, Fred. Makes sense.
        I wonder how, after his own Dad tipped off the CIA, and his name was on the no-fly list, the underwear bomber made it on a plane? And the Times Square bomber? On the no-fly list as well…intercepted on the tarmac, taxiing away for God’s sake.
        Yeah, the government will take care of things, Fred.

        Read the Fourth Amendment, Fred. Do we submit to tyranny – which is essentially what this is, or do we stand up against tyrants, both foreign AND domestic?
        Read the Fourth Amendment, Fred.

  10. Thank you for doing this. People like you are leading the way to get these policies changed. I admire your courage. There is a point when things go too far, and when the government wants to photograph us naked and touch our crotches, we’ve gone way over that line. We cannot allow this country to become a police state.

    I’ll be opting out on my next flight, and going through the enhanced pat down. But I shouldn’t have to make that choice. These policies are just the beginning. If we tolerate this, what is next? Very frightening.

  11. Mark Edward: Keep trollin, Trollenstein.

    Jon: I’m with you one hundred percent. I had no reason to fly – had never even been on a plane! – until September of 09, and as I either fly myself, or am expecting someone in on a flight every couple of months at least, with every incident I get more and more upset. Declining to fly is NOT an option in the least in my situation…I wish I had half the balls you do, to stand up to them and say no…

  12. Vanessa is just one more Amerikan who wants Nazi Lite.
    While she will refuse the pornograph, she’s all for being sexually molested.
    Can’t help but wonder what self-respecting woman would allow such.

  13. It comes down to the point of when a private boundary line was crossed. Sadly to say, these imaging devices have been in airports since March of this year (2010). Personally, my mother in law, sister in law and myself had to make a business trip to Dallas, making our way through DFW. On our trip back home, we had to wait in a huge line of people trying to get through the security check point, to then make it to their gates on time for their flights. When it was finally our time, we noticed that they were randomly taking people from line and putting them in a separate line. Actually it was a yellow square painted on the floor. The people standing in that square were subjected to go through the imgaing device. My mother in law asked what it was for and the TSA assistant stated: its like an x-ray machine we can see everything! My mother in law became even more outraged at the fact that someone was going to be looking at not only her privates but her naked bones. She demanded to no t be treated as if she were a terrorist. At which point the TSA’s took her off to the side and fully patted her down. (I MEAN FULLY!) they had her lift her bra up to see if anything would fall out as well as made her reach in and lift her boobs up. It was not only disgusting how they forcefully groped her but disgusting that they could randomly just do it to any person. At the time I couldn’t stop laughing. (sad I know) but this was my first time on an airplane and for that matter my first time ever attempting to go through a security check point at an airport. It wasn’t until reading an article similar to this a few months ago that I realized how this procedure was not “normal” and that it offended everyone across the US. It is time for us to take a stand and not allow anyone to personally violate us or our families. If you would not allow a molester around your kids or yourself, why would you allow a TSA worker to?

  14. If it came down to an emergency, such as a loss of a family member or friend? Of course, even if a family member were terribly ill in the hospital? yes! Why? I live 15 hours from most of my close friends and family and flying there to be near their side, even if it’s just for support other family members, is the right thing to do. Especially when you have five children! (pull off of every exit on the freeway). But for pleasure or business, I would rather drive. I personally don’t care too much for flying, I get paranoid the plane is going to crash, cant relax and so on and so forth. (this coming from the girl who rides dirt bikes, will jump a quad, has bungee jumped and will go on any roller coaster you put in front of her!) SP to sum it up I’ll go back to an airport, only if it is absolutely necessary. Other than that they can shove it!

  15. Yep, just another Amerikan, willing to surrender an essential liberty for convenience’ sake.
    And they wonder how things have gotten to this point.

    Sad, truly sad.

    Wanna know who’s truly responsible for this (and a lot of other’s) mess?
    Simply consult the nearest mirror.

    1. Now see that’s where you got it all wrong. Just because I am going to take a plane again doesn’t mean Im going to let the TSA’s subject me to a full cavity search! Ill fight and scream and make a scene. I noticed all of your comments you have been posting to everyone else’s comments and please let me be the first to say KUDOS! You have truly out done yourself here. You have not only managed to make yourself look like an ass but at the same time made yourself look like an ignorant SOB. How dare you comment on the many of troops whom are oversea’s. Many of which are my family and long time friends. You cannot speak for them. They all love their job and love serving their county. To another point that I might add, are not even over there because they are “bloody thirsty” but rather are over there on missions to help rebuild a country that was for so long over ran by terrorists. You must not truly be an American, or you would know the real reason that our troops are still over there and putting there necks on the line for PEE BRAINS like yourself.

  16. As a much younger man, I often wondered how this once-great nation managed to descend to what it has become.
    After reading the posts here and elsewhere, I now fully understand.

    Or, as one of my brothers so accurately stated, “the masses are asses.”

    1. I don’t believe you’re a much younger man- if you were you would have no memory of our once-great nation as it’s been gone for a very long time.

  17. Please, join the group ALL FACEBOOK AGAINST AIRPORT FULL BODY SCANNERS. People in this group are very proactive, write letters and organize protests.

  18. The ONLY letter you need to write is to the airlines, explaining why you will no longer fly until THEY get rid of the TSA.

  19. Everyone should file suit in their local State Court and force TSA to bring them together as multidistrict litigation via a Class Action in US Federal court. I would think the ACLU would want to get involved since this is a blatant violation of civil rights and liberties!

  20. Oh, good grief.
    Now it’s going to be a years-long, protracted court battle where only the lawyers win.
    I would ask “when are you people ever going to learn,” but I already know the answer: Never.

  21. Mark Edward (if that is your real name), based on your posts, it is obvious you have emotional issues and seriously uneducated. I mean, just what is your argument? You can’t even spell American correctly. Just wondering… are you on drugs?

  22. LOL, if you are not familiar with “Amerikan,” well, maybe, just maybe, it’s YOU who’s education is lacking.
    Mark Edward Marchiafava

    1. No, no… don’t think so… perfectly understood and educated… your preference just makes you even more menacing.

  23. The TSA and feds in general (aka DemocRats and RINO’s) need to be shown the door – they are out of control tyrants who think they can do whatever they please to the American people.

    Rise up America – we can do better than this.

  24. I have refused to fly at all until the scanners are gone. The fact is that there was no intelligent plan for how this sort of security check was to be accomplished (Read Congressman Mica’s criticisms on the TSA). It turns out (see Brasscheck for the video on this point) that Chertoff (who owns the only certified scanner company in the USA) ordered the scanners BEFORE the UNDERWARE BOMBER incident. That’s right. BEFORE. According to an Israeli security expert (see WEWONTFLY.com), the full body scanners are “a waste of money.”

    There is a great video from the Congresspeople and state reps of New Jersey who are going to oppose the TSA security mess altogether. They point out that there has not been adequate testing of the scanners, that they would not have prevented the underwear bomber for technical reasons and that they are dangerous because of the radiation that they throw off.

    Please go to the ACLU and the EPIC as they both are collecting stories of problems at the airports with these procedures. Today, we stop the TSA, tomorrow maybe we can defund the banksters.


  25. Thank you, everyone, for all the encouragement!

    Pretty much everyone here is opposed to the scanners and molestation, so there’s no need to fight over whether someone is a real patriot because they choose to fly anyway. Let’s all push against the scanners in whatever way we feel comfortable doing. If you’re comfortable with not flying, then great.

    Keep spreading the word — about half our hits are coming from you guys posting this on Facebook and sending it around by e-mail!



  26. We need more citizen’s to file suit just as Jon has. The tidal wave against TSA abuse is gaining momentum and while refusal to fly is an attractive alternative, it’s not practical for hundreds of thousands of frequent fliers. Thank you Jon for having the courage of your convictions. You are a Patriot and the troll who so clearly identifies himself in these comments, is a Pinhead.

  27. Jon, thank you so much for doing this!

    I presume you know that Napolitano has said that the pat downs are law enforcement patdowns, which takes them out of the realm of administrative pat downs and hence they require probable cause.

    Her words:

    NAPOLITANO: There is a process. You can go through an AIT, if there is a ping this tells an officer where they need to search, where something does not pass through the screens that are set. If you refuse the AIT machine altogether, then you can go to a separate area for a same gender pat-down which is conducted as a law enforcement pat-down should be in a very professional way, again, same gender, and if there are adjustments we need to make to these procedures as we move forward, we have an open ear.

    Some will say she misspoke, but I don’t believe that for a minute.

    You also probably have heard one Mo McGown, former director of TSA Security Operations, admitting that the pat downs are violative of the 4th Amendment:


    Again, thank you for doing this for all of us.

  28. Ok. What about childern. Do all children get to pass thru without a pat down/ groin check? Or do parents stand by and watch their children be groped by adults and assure them that this is OK? How does that stand up to parents and teachers telling children to always report such behavior from strangers? Now that it is acceptable, how can a child know when an authority figure has to right to grope them? Just a few months ago, it was only legal to search a person who may be a danger to a police officer in the line of duty or being placed under arrest.

    Furthermore just how many terrorists have been stopped with all of these techniques.

      1. That is unfortunate that you do not have an attorney to represent you in this case. Do you want to go it alone? Or would you gladly consider representation? I know the cost must be astronomical. If you wish, I will be more than happy to re-post on FB requesting help. Surely there is a lawyer who would take this case pro bono.

      2. Hi Cyndi,

        I’m actually happy to file this pro se, and have always been of the mind that anyone can go to the court to right a wrong without legal help, so long as they are willing to do the research and the writing. Working as an entrepreneur, I’m very used to producing legal documents in the business world, and I find law in general to be fascinating.

        That said, I would love to have an attorney to look over my filings, and I’d also love to have you share the link on Facebook. Getting the word out is important! 🙂



  29. (with apologies to Larry Platt)

    Pants on the ground
    Pants on the ground
    Janet wants to see your pants on the ground.

    With that gold in your mouth
    The alarms are gonna sound
    So put your hands in the air, and your pants on the ground

    Pants on the ground
    Pants on the ground
    Get scanned or be groped, with your pants on the ground

    If you want a boarding pass
    We’ll be feelin’ up your ass,
    Don’t give us any sass, just put your pants on the ground

    Pants on the ground
    Pants on the ground
    Feelin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground

    We’ll treat ya like a punk
    While we’re fondlin’ your junk
    You’ll be leaving in a funk, with your pants on the ground

    Pants on the ground
    Pants on the ground
    You gave up all your rights. Put your pants on the ground

    It’s been decided by committee
    That we get to see your titty
    My, you sure are lookin’ pretty, with your pants on the ground

    Pants on the ground
    Pants on the ground
    Bet you wish you’d stayed at home, with your pants on the ground.

    We’ll take your bag and we’ll unlock it
    It’s our boat, so don’t you rock it
    Is that a pencil in your pocket? Put your pants on the ground!!!

  30. I am very happy with what your doing and support it 110%. I hope this can make a difference. I have sent an e-mail to both my state senators and congressman expressing my disdain over this whole thing, I suggest everyone bombard their leaders with their disdain over this situation.

  31. YOU ARE MY SUPER HERO AND MAKE ME PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!! THANK YOU for standing up.Please, please, please, follow through. I will not fly until my body will be respected!

  32. these TSA “nazis” need to understand that this threat to our liberties is also a threat to their liberties. The only thing that give them power is the uniform they wear and without it they are just like us.

  33. Something to consider is all the disabled flyers that don’t go through the metal detectors anyway because of their disability; I for one. Therefore are disabled folks being unfairly subjected to an automatic “enhanced” screening by default?

  34. Yet you silly yuppies will be screaming for more security the next time someone gets a bomb through the system. What a bunch of whiners.

    Man, or woman up, get checked, ensure the flight is safe, or, take the train.

    The jerk who didn’t want his “junk” touched had just that between his legs – junk!

    1. Fred, do you really, deep down in your heart, think that the porn scanners and being groped is going to make the flight safe? All we’ve done is to train the terrorists to stuff C4 where the sun doesn’t shine. The images I’ve seen from the scanners only show surface or near surface-related features like shinbones. They clearly do not show cavities, even the nasal cavities do not show, let alone vaginal or anal. And so when a bomb goes off and TSA discovers that it was secreted aboard in a body cavity, what then? Are you gonna “man up” and bend over and spread ’em wide for a full cavity search? We’ll see who starts whining at that point.

      1. Yes, I will. Served this country for 21 years, and if it takes me bending over and spreadin’ em, I’ll do it. Seen enough dead Americans in my time to know I don’t want to see many more.

  35. Hi — in advance of the big Thanksgiving travel day next week, the KPCC newsroom of Southern California Public Radio is circulating some questions asking about your experiences going through airport security (or not.) Here’s the link: http://www.scpr.org/network/questions/TSA Responses are confidential, but we’re looking for some experiences to include in our on-air and online reporting.

    Thanks in advance, and happy travels to all.

  36. The thing is if they were TRULY concerned about our safety – not our SUBMISSION – all it would take is a couple of bombing sniffing dogs. Non-intrusive, proven accuracey.
    And profiling. We KNOW who the terrorists are – or at least have a pretty good idea of who we should be looking for. But nope, they’ll let Muslim women (or are they women?) walk right the f*ck through, totally unchecked while they molest a 6 year old or elderly person.

    HOW is this making us safer? For all of you think that, think this “scanning” and fondeling of obviously non-threatening Americans is making us “safer”…answer this… When was the last time an American citizen blew up a plane from WITHIN the country?? Yeah.

    That’s like saying all bank robbers wear red sweaters, so the cops are stopping everyone wearing black t-shirts. People wearing red are not stopped.
    You really effing think the family of 4 going to Disneyland wants to blow up the plane? REALLY? Even from an efficincy stand-point it makes no sense. You want to concentrate your efforts where you think the greatest danger exists. It’s most certainly not with obviously vacationing AMERICANS.

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