NSA Ends Mass Phone Spying Program, Patriot Act § 215 to Expire

Although many thought that calling their legislators, protesting, and even whistleblowing were all a waste of time, privacy advocates celebrate a huge win today: the NSA will not seek to renew its quarterly authorization to collect bulk metadata from the phone companies, thus ending the NSA’s database of every single call made ever. Further, both the USA Freedom Act and the bill to extend the Patriot Act as-is have not failed, and it appears both houses of Congress will not be in session again until after § 215 (“the worst of the Patriot Act”) expires.

Now there’s some change I can believe in!!

There’s still reform left to go, of course, but it’s oh so nice to see things headed in the right direction for a change. We should also now pardon the whistleblower whose bravery allowed this reform to happen, but now must live in exile. I do hope the government is working on this.

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  1. Johnathan,
    I appreciate what you are doing. If you’d like to really take it to the next level, and defund the TSA, NSA, as well as a host of other unconstitutional federal programs, then I invite you to join the ranks of honest, law-abiding citizens who are using their power of the purse and the force of law to defund the federal government so that it can only raise revenues by apportioned direct taxes, non-protectionist import tariffs, and properly applied indirect excise taxes (such as the income tax). I became the first American in history in 2003 to get a 100% refund of everything taken from my paycheck, FIT, SS, and Medicare contributions. Since then, tens of thousands of law-abiding Americans who appreciate the rule of law and the protections enshrined in the Constitution have duplicated my efforts and had returned billions of dollars in 100% tax refunds. It all starts with learning when the income tax began, what objects it applies to, and having the courage to be honest when filing your tax returns and using the proper legal instruments to correct erroneous presumptions about the legal nature of the money you have earned.
    On my site’s bulletin board are listed well over a thousand 100% tax refunds over the last 11 years, both from the IRS as well as 33+ state tax agencies acknowledging the truth of the income tax, namely, that it is a benign tax applying that simply does not apply to the earnings of most Americans. You can read my book, now in its 14th Edition, which has been proven res judicata to be correct, by having survived multiple attempts at failed federal injunctions. It is available from any major bookseller. Or, you can find a free copy of CtCforfree.pdf floating on the internet or available from me. The bulk of the information in my book is available for free on my website. Keep up the good work in the battle against tyranny, and as I said at the outset, if you wish to really take it to the next level, read my book and/or website and learn why the private sector started paying the indirect excise (often known as the federal income tax) in 1943, when, since it’s inception in 1862, it has only been applicable to those receiving federal income.



    “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

    -James Madison

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  2. Jonathan, Pete was not sentenced for tax evasion, he was convicted of not really believing the book he wrote, of not believing the years of research he had compiled, and of not believing the law he has been on a crusade to make known for 14+ years. So far, at least a few hundred thousand have benefited from his work. His formal legal conviction was for “filing a false document” under 26 USC 7206(1), where the indictment states he “did not believe to be true and correct as to every material matter…”. That of course was total twaddle. The judge never read his book, though making false assertions about her ‘findings’. She refused to allow the jury, despite having requested it, for the code definitions key to his defense. She instead allowed prosecutor-written intentionally-deceptive misrepresentations of the key statutory definitions on which internal revenue law is based. This judge, mind you, was, according to Congressman Don Young’s office, under congressional investigation for judicial misconduct. Pete survived 3 attempts by the DOJ for injunctions against his book and website. All three ended in failure for the IRS. In fact, in the third injunction attempt, the DOJ itself withdrew the complaint, becoming fully aware that its dishonest client’s (the IRS) claims that he was “promoting an abusive tax shelter” was patently false–his book is simply a history and exposition of internal revenue law, exposing the IRS’s Achilles Heal by showing how they misapply a perfectly valid and constitutional law by deceptive definitions design to mislead. Since they couldn’t break his integrity, they have gone after his wife to keep sending her to prison if she refuses court-ordered perjury. You can research “Doreen” on wnd.com for details on subornation of perjury. Please don’t be so dismissive of Pete’s epic work or so naive to believe that judges aren’t bribed, blackmailed, and otherwise corruptible to maintain a dishonest status quo. Bad actors within the Treasury Department and the IRS have gone on to more heinous crimes of perjury, forgery of signatures, and counterfeiting (well-documented) to suppress the facts about the limitations of this indirect excise. I urge you to look at the facts before rashly ascribing to Pete bad motives and before so quickly dismissing him. You can clean off the mud slung by reading a history of the IRS’s dishonest, corrupt attempts at suppressing the law at http://losthorizons.com/Documents/CtCSuppression.htm. Do obtain a copy of the book. I’d even send you a free hardcopy if you would read it.



    1. The IRS has done plenty wrong, but that has nothing to do with the fact that you are legally required to pay your taxes and any argument to the contrary is frivolous, repeatedly defeated, and has put many people in jail. Yet you continue to spread it?

  3. Johathan, really like a LOT of what you’re doing. It’s Amazing work that more of us need to undertake.

    However, in light of your comment I must respectfully add my own ‘dos centavos’:

    it would seem you fail to understand just how illegal and UNLAWFUL this rouge agency is.
    Of course we should pay whatever we Lawfully owe. But no law exists that would require you to pay
    anything you do not Lawfully or even legally owe.

    Your comment causes me to question whether or not you’ve ever looked at the massive amount of evidence
    supporting what Pete and Brian have related here?

    Hopefully this isn’t just another manure caked bovine for you.
    Hopefully you’ll at least look into the Law enough to realize they are spreading Truth.

    After I beat up on the irs myself (they want nothing more to do with me after that *),
    I found it amazing how little the majority of the American people actually knew about the IRC.

    * I wonder what you’d do if they falsely accused you of owing over a million $?! Would you fight back?
    I quickly found out that in order to get their undivided attention, you’ve got to take the offense against them.
    Just by doing that, I kicked them to the curb so they can go out and find actual gainful employment,
    instead of terrorizing innocent Americans with their unlawful and illegal bullying.


  4. This is hardly a “tax deniers” movement, which would merit disinterest. Those who have read Cracking the Code and act to uphold the law are part of the Tax Honesty movement. There is an army of law-abiding citizens who have become educated and informed and subsequently uphold the law and oblige the IRS to do the same. Any CtC-educated individual does NOT deny the income tax–they just acknowledge that it is an indirect excise that ONLY applies to privileged excise-taxable activity with a federal connection. It is NOT a direct tax that can be applied to the earnings of private sector workers engaging in the common right to work and earn a living. It only applies to federal income, not private-sector earnings. And the IRS and 38 state tax agencies have acknowledged this for 14 years. The only way to limit the bad behavior of the federal government, whether the TSA, NSA, FBI, or any others, is to defund them in the way prescribed by law.

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