Although many thought that calling their legislators, protesting, and even whistleblowing were all a waste of time, privacy advocates celebrate a huge win today: the NSA will not seek to renew its quarterly authorization to collect bulk metadata from the phone companies, thus ending the NSA’s database of every single call made ever. Further, both the USA Freedom Act and the bill to extend the Patriot Act as-is have not failed, and it appears both houses of Congress will not be in session again until after § 215 (“the worst of the Patriot Act”) expires.

Now there’s some change I can believe in!!

There’s still reform left to go, of course, but it’s oh so nice to see things headed in the right direction for a change. We should also now pardon the whistleblower whose bravery allowed this reform to happen, but now must live in exile. I do hope the government is working on this.