Three Years Later…

Three CandlesMy fight against TSA assholery began 3 years ago with a tiny 5 page complaint filed in a U.S. District Court in Florida, which has now grown into over 1,000 pages of legal filings, 3 trips to the Court of Appeals, one trip to the U.S. Supreme Court, and, of course, embarrassing the TSA in front of the world by showing, on camera, that their nude body scanners don’t work. I’ve been kicked out of three airports, equated with a terrorist by the DoJ, and gagged by the courts. I’ve presented my findings to Congress and to the TSA itself at its Arlington headquarters and testified in front of the legislature of the State of Texas. My work has been at the top of virtually every social sharing site and featured on Drudge Report. And that’s just the TSA — I’ve had even more fun with NYPD stop-and frisk and the NSA scandal.

We’ve seen several small steps towards success. The worst types of nude body scanners (both for the health and privacy conscious) have been removed from airports. The TSA no longer threatens $11,000 fines for those who refuse groping, nor sics the cops on them (mostly). Pat-downs have been modified for seniors and children. Airports across Europe are tossing their scanners aside. The TSA was forced to accept public comment on the nude body scanners. And, most importantly, pretty much everyone is now clued in that the TSA is an utter waste.

I’ve never worked so hard at anything in my life, and it’s because of your support — your encouraging comments, your stories by e-mail, and your generous donations — that I’ve been able to keep going. Thank you again for being here with me, and I look forward to seeing another year of rolling back the TSA.

[Edit — Also, happy 200th post, apparently!]

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11 thoughts on “Three Years Later…

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  1. Must be quite a revelation to see how the legal system itself has made it so difficult for you.
    I consider the FedGov to be on the verge of becoming a fasict-regime and equipping the airport TSO’s with firearms. When that happens, the commercial aviation indiustry will rapidly implode.

  2. Jon, you are one of the handful of people I call my heroes. I admire your courage and tenacity. I stopped donating to politicians a long time ago, sometimes writing NONE on the ballot, but I am more than happy to donate to you for your gutsy efforts.

  3. As I’ve told my friends, I truly believe you are one of the most important people in this time we live in. There are several other crusaders against the violations of our rights and freedoms, but your work against the TSA, speaking out against the NSA, NYPD and others – Even your fight against an unjust parking ticket – should serve as not just an inspiration but a wake up call to everyone that it is up to us to take our rights back. I see so many people sitting back saying things like “I have rights”, “they can’t do that”, “someone should do something”, but they don’t understand that it is up to YOU to protect your individual rights. YOU must be proactive at standing up for your freedoms. If you do not resist those who violate and trample your rights, you can only blame yourself. These rights are yours. You are responsible for them. Others can help at times, but generally, you must be the keeper of your individual rights and security. For your brilliant, bold and unapologetic example of just this, I can’t thank you enough. More people should strive to stand up for themselves the way you do.

  4. In an interesting coincidence, our church honors the birthdays of two three-year-olds (and no bicentennials) today who had their birthdays this month. “Happy Birthday to you / To God, be true / God bless you and keep you / The whole year through”

    Keep up the fight, Jon. I don’t know what to say, even if I do know what to pray. But there’s one thing I should say: Thank you.

  5. This is more humanitarian than most self-proclaimed humanitarians! Thank you for having a “set” to stand up for basic human freedoms. Not all of us have the ability to dedicate the time or struggle like you are doing (family, children, jobs, etc), but I know everyone who knows about you and your cases fully salute you and appreciate what you’re doing.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll be following your blog from now on – thanks to infowars magazine! I read about you in their November issue 🙂

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